by Tom Borelli

And they claim the political right is angry. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews’ race card filled attack against conservatives is one for the record book (watch video).

In his foaming rant, Matthews claims voter I.D. laws are like poll taxes with the goal to suppress black voters and he adds Obama’s political opposition are the enemy that gain from hate:

“Obama’s true enemies are those who back the three dozen states now pushing voter suppression laws to make damn sure the country doesn’t go and elect another black president, or a progressive white president. You know this generation’s equivalent of poll taxes and those discredited literacy tests anything to keep minorities from their voting rights. And to this crowd the Obama haters add to them those who gnaw on the president’s health care bill with the hunger of starving rats but offer nothing in its place except their crazed notions about bringing down the government and destroying the county’s economic stature even as they deny even a penny of credit to the president for the zooming American stock market right now. These are the enemies those who stand and benefit from all the anger and hatred and indecency of the nasty right…”

Matthews is once again proving MSNBC is not a news organization but a cable outlet for political operatives whose goal is to spread progressive propaganda.

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  • justshootmenow

    Chris Matthews is emotionally disturbed. It’s painful to watch him. I try not to.

  • Fultitanfan

    Its interesting because the birther argument came from the democratic party themselves, it was the Clinton campaign that brought the issue up.

    • colsooonscoorner

      Don’t ya just love when they can’t remember where their smear came from. LOL

    • chamuiel

      Yes, and don’t forget Lincoln was a Democrat.

  • sebastianwoof

    Chris Matthews has confirmed that MSNBC
    is a looney bin for wackos.

  • Russell Smith

    Yeah, that tingle that runs up his leg should be the jolt from the electric chair that this moron should be forced to sit in, along with his buddy in the White House!

    • chamuiel

      I thought that tingle was the warm feeling of pee pee every time obama pissed upon his leg.

  • chamuiel

    Crissy Mathews has gone around the bend.

  • hadenoughyet

    listen you idiot the communists used to call themselves communist but that did not bode well with true Americans,so they started calling themselves, liberals, and progressives, they now push for their socialist state through our government.The dictionary defines socialism as being the transition from capitalism into communism. These two facts are more than enough of a reason not to buy into the, “let anyone vote dead or alive” scam, voters must be eligible to vote, first, picture id is the best way to insure a voter is valid. Voter fraud has to be stopped and the vote counting needs to be secure, because this government has become corrupted, it is the reason real Americans don’t go for this administrations agenda.
    Fact hitler did three things when he duped Germany, he took control of the educational system, burned thousands of books, then put kids in schools controlled by the Nazi’s, he then created a government controlled healthcare system which was the demise of thousands of Jews, and last but not least he took their guns so they had no way to protect themselves against a corrupted government, sound familiar.

    I can not figure out why you would run your mouth about conservatives or why this president being black has anything to do with REAL Americans wanting their constitution upheld and expect that our elected officials should represent America FIRST. If you are for this administrations agenda, and believe that this healthcare debacle is about healthcare, then you are part of the problem. Nothing this administration has done has been representative of what our country is about their only desire is to control the people and destroy individual rights, the exact opposite of what conservatism is about, we believe we are able to govern ourselves we don’t need a big government telling us what to buy it is unconstitutional in the first first place, health care should start at home not at the insurance company. When these politicians take that oath they commit to the American people not to the big government agenda. If you don’t like the way real Americans want their country ran then move somewhere else, this is a government by the people and for the people big government is not welcome.

  • Ree

    I will tell you where you can jam your msgs up yours You lrft wing nuts are all crazy

  • freedomringsforall

    The Republican Party should offer these stupid liberals that they will drive every minority person that these liberal idiots find, that do not have an id, a drive to get an id and to pay for the id and to buy them a modest lunch.
    And if it is discovered that either the person or the liberal fraudulently claimed the person had no id, when actually they really did, then the democrat Party should contribute $1,000.00 to the next federal level Republican candidate running for office in that location.
    Call their lying buts out and make them put their money where their mouth is !!
    H even when the liberal jerks tried to call in the international socialist/commies to monitor our elections last go around they even publically cried out that they couldn’t believe that we did not require voter id to vote in this country.
    Obama has been a champion of helping stop voter fraud all over the world including his beloved Kenya by instituting voter id laws.
    Oh but he doesn’t want voter id laws in the U.S. !
    What a shocker!
    Geeeeeee, I wonder why?

    • merleliz

      They tried repeatedly in Georgia to find even ONE person who was “disenfranchised” by Voter ID laws. They failed. Every single time.

      • freedomringsforall

        You got it
        That is why the Republican Party aught to come out and call their stupid lying buts on the carpet for their B.S.
        Make them look dumb as a box of rocks for their stupid B.S.

  • Ree

    As I have said before, Go home Chris oh thats right they don’t want you either, wel we can only hope we can find someplace that would accept your coments as real reporting

  • Mac Boy

    Chris Matthews just Wet himself – AGAIN !!! ……………….

  • Hotnike

    Nobody of any intelligence watches MSNBC any longer. Chris Matthews is a non-entity.

  • colo43

    This guy is truly NUTS !
    Why in the world do the give his type, Air time!!!

    • sandyinindy

      Attracts viewers, like us, that would otherwise not waste the energy to use the remote to turn to this show. Chrissy, I think, believes his asinine diatribes with expert guests from wait for it…………………Mother Jones!??

  • camdenme2

    Poor Chris,I hope he qualifies for mental health treatment under PresboCare !!! HE sure shows a need !

  • Richard Holmes

    Matthews is rabid and needs to be put down before he infects more people.

  • Abiathar

    Hey, this is nothing compared to Allen Coombs (sp?) rant against a call in to his radio program where he flips out putting words into the conservative’s mouth calling Obama a “black bastard”. Funniest thing is that it is probably the only thing that I have ever heard the man utter that I believe is true.

    • racefish

      Combes is another of the “Radical Left” that look down on everyone else.

      • sandyinindy

        Don’t these libs understand that the Black community – in the entire Country – is 13 -15%… maybe, just maybe, that’s why the there’s so many Whites??

        Is this hard, math??

        • racefish

          Logic doesn’t exist in their world. It’s all about “feelings” and the lack logic that they think gives them the right to criticize others for their supposedly “superior” ability to care.

          These are the ones who’ve been raised on Sesame Street and by Barney. They are unable to understand the realities of the world, and in many cases, are unable to be effective parents.
          These are also the people responsible for these idiotic gun control policies, social programs that don’t work, and regulations aimed at eliminating non-existent problems. These are also the same people who are guilty of much f the graft and corruption in government. (See the Pelosis and conflict of interest)

  • racefish

    I think he’s been smoking with the mayor of Toronto.

  • sandyinindy

    What in the world is Matthews smoking? To complain about the hate and rattle on like he is – priceless. Most people understand that the only way MSNBC can get 10+ viewers, they MUST have these types of conversations…but, one would expect Matthews to understand that, too?!

  • Wayne

    Mathews should be hanged right on the set, on air.

  • Altsman

    C, Matthews has always been a little off…but I truly believe he has gone around the bend in terms of his sanity.
    President Lincoln was a Republican!!

  • Robert

    Mathews–what a turd.

  • Neal Avery

    If Zim is a “White Hispanic,” maybe Matthews is a “white black.”

  • Harold

    This ‘thrill up his leg’ has to be certifiably a lunatic. No one in their right mind would make the statements that he makes.

  • Kit Hogan

    Chris is really acting disturbed….His angry rants are boring.

  • OrlandoRican

    Can I get five minutes alone in a locked room with this idiot?

  • bamasucks

    Bama’s tingle seems to be still running down this ranting half wits leg. Have his hero order the treasury to stop printing money like it was water and watch what the stock market does. This girly man really brings out the best of MSNBC. It must impress both his viewers.

  • 1catfish

    Chrissy, you are an idiot and so is your employeer!

  • 1catfish

    Chrissy, you are an idiot and so is your employeer

  • Sam

    Matthews is the mascot for the rest of the liberal left, irresponsible, lazy journalists. They don’t care about the truth anymore. They just want ratings.

  • fullspinzoo

    Who cares what this idiot has to say? He’s just jealous that Oprah played the race card in moronic fashion and beat him to the punch. It’s been said Carter is off the hook, for the WORST. What was the famous line from the pulpit of Rev. Wright? G D America? The church of both Obama and Oprah. What a shocker! Does anybody ever watch this pathetic, disgusting network any more?

  • bwheeler

    Matthews has gone off the deep end. Most people, when they see an administration fail, they simply just recognize it and try to change things. Matthews takes it out on everyone else, and especially hates those who have been right all along. We must admit the mistakes that our leaders in Washington make before we can change it but Matthews will bury his head in the sand and deny the obvious. That’s what you call a fanatic.

  • lemondrop1

    he needs to be fired. he is hateful and full of anger. he doesn’t have a clue about what he’s ranting about. if he has a wife, someone needs to ask her to get him some help, and keep him far away from TV. put him on a Island for a month with just conservatives. if that doesn’t change him, he’s too far gone.

  • Chet

    You’re dead wrong white man. We’d be more than pleased to elect a number of black Americans, i.e., Allen West, Alan Keyes, Lee Elder, Herman Cain, Ken Blackwell, Condoleeza Rice, Deneen Borelli, Ben Carson and a growing list of others across the nation. What we won’t do is vote for anymore liberal/socialists irregardless of their color or where their ancestors came from. Can you get it through your thick muddled head that one’s skin color is immaterial? It’s the content of his character that counts and his regard for our Constitution and the fear and love of our great Almighty God of our fathers and his Son whom he has sent…

    • sunshine

      im white and would vote for Dr.BEN CARSON any day.Chris M is always throwing the race card and is a complete nut job.

  • rham

    It is all a theater to keep his job. The jobs at MSLSD are based on pure theater propaganda. It Matthews really believed his own puked words, he would have to be very stupid. This presidency is crumbling because they are all wannabe crooks. Heck I can respect a competent crook but these are incompetent crooks and anyone that defends them is either stupid or has to do it for a living.

  • Larry Christopher

    Poor little Chris. You spew your vile, racial hatred from your mouth with such ease and contempt. How dare you call yourself an American?? You are as much of a disgrace to this country (if not more so) than the two-bit hack that occupies the White House. There is little difference in the way the two of you screw the citizens of the country every day. As far as Barry is concerned, the mental midget was PROUD to have the “Affordable Care Act” labeled OBAMACARE! Now he has called all of you sorry excuses for “journalists and reporters” to the White House to cry on your shoulders and beg you to take his name off of this POS legislation. To hell with you Chris Matthews! To hell with the lies and corruption. To hell with Barry Soetoro.

  • cayuga33

    Chris who?

  • rwp24382

    Dems go on the attack against the GOP? He does it constantly. The Dems do it constantly. When do they ever stop? They have called us birthers, domestic terrorists, racists, and what ever terms they want.

  • disqus_Ki3yt4g0EM

    This loon is ready for internship in the funny house. And lets throw away the key!

  • worried

    I used to watch chris, but he has lost it completely. he half way used to talk a little sense at one time. but since ob has be put in the white house, chris is a worshiper of this man and no longer distinguish between right and wrong. I believe a demon has taken over his logic and he is really sick. I am not trying to be funny here. But if someone really cares about this man, they need to get medical help for him, as he can no longer separate right form wrong. It is truly sad, I will never watch him again.

  • Joe Lettieri

    How long is this excrement going to be allowed to spew his FILTH on the American people.


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