MSM is Right — Many GOP Pollsters/Consultants Suck


by Steve Deace

One of my listeners recently sent me this story from National Journal, which documents both how polling done by the Republican Party establishment is usually so far off. Remember all the grandiose predictions from these people in 2012 that never came to pass? How about the fact, as National Journal points out, they were “only” 45 points off in Eric Cantor’s loss to Dave Brat last week. How is it possible they keep making these mistakes.

There are two reasons, in my opinion.

1) They’re not pollsters, they’re propagandists.

The main goal of the Republican Party establishment is to perpetuate itself, in order to do that it has to perpetuate two preferred mythologies: the liberal media is always wrong, and the GOP’s conservative/libertarian base is just there to be corralled and used when convenient. For these people to stay in power, and continue the crime family-like scam (according to former Reagan biographer Craig Shirley) they’re current endeavoring, they must continue this magical thinking regardless of all evidence to the contrary.

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