“Most Muslims Are Peaceful” (great video)


This video clearly explains the three stages of Islam and answers the question, “But, most Muslims are peaceful, right?!” With quotes from Obama interspersed in this well-done video, you will finally understand exactly what is happening.

I was on a WI conservative radio show this week with a Vicki McKenna. We were agreeing on every issue until I said, “Islam is a Satanic cult.” She fell silent, then disagreed with me, then she hung up on me! I wanted to explain to her that Islam is not just a religion, it is a political and military system. It is a real threat to America and freedom. She is uninformed on this one issue, as is most of America. Fox News doesn’t approach this topic, maybe because it is partly owned by a Muslim.

According to the Hadith, Qur’an and other Muslim commentaries, Stage 1 of Islam is stealth jihad. When a Muslim population is outnumbered, they are taught by Mohammed to move into a society and get along, have a lot of babies, and integrate themselves peacefully into the society. Coexist.

Call for tolerance in public, but for violence in private. Use taqiyah to lie for Allah. Pretend victimhood. (i.e. Homophobia) Get “privileged status.” ( TSA, DMV, Internet, media, etc.) Seek special privileges.

Stage 2 of Islam is defensive jihad….

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