We live in an age which is so reduced to mere emoting, to clichés, to celebrity opinions, and to 30-second soundbites, that properly dealing with vital issues can be quite difficult indeed. We are so dumbed down, so historically illiterate, and so bereft of the ability to think critically, logically and most importantly, morally, that we are in a very bad place to reflect carefully and intelligently on any of the pressing matters of the day.

And when the issues are really significant and controversial, such as the nature of international justice, warfare, and geopolitics, then the fuzziness in thinking and the mushiness in moralising especially comes to the fore. We see this all on display once again with the West as it seeks how to deal with the Islamic State.

England for example has just announced that it will join in attacks on IS in Syria. Indeed, airstrikes against IS targets have just been carried out. But already the airheads are out in force with their ridiculous and vacuous posturing and posters: “Don’t bomb Syria” eg. Um, we are not bombing Syria, but seeking to specifically target and destroy the murderous IS which happens to be in Syria and elsewhere.

All the usual suspects are condemning the West for anything it tries to do to contain or eliminate IS. We have Western fools (and that is exactly what they are) actually saying that terrorism is caused by things like global warming. Any stupid excuse will do, given the self-loathing of so many of our Western leftists.

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