A Modest Abortion Proposal


by Rebekah Maxwell

“We weren’t planning for children.”

“We have too many mouths to feed already.”

“This planet is overcrowded anyway.”

“Kids cost money. We can’t afford this.”

“It’s not really a child, if it’s unwanted.”

“Why sentence a child to a life of poverty?”

“They would only suffer… it’s compassionate to spare them a life of physical and mental abuse.”

Oh, ye of the bleeding hearts. After many a strident argument from the amoral high ground, you’ve finally convinced me. You are right.

No child should be forced to live in abject poverty, without proper food and water.

No child should have to endure a life of pain and misery because they were inconvenient or unwanted; every child should be a wanted child…otherwise, it’s really no child at all.

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