Modern Morality: Moral Relativism is the New Black


by Carly Hill

Everyone is raving about that new show, “Orange is the New Black.” Why? Well, it could be the interesting plot – a girl who turns herself in and navigates through her new life in jail. But, I’m guessing all the hype is over the naked lesbian scenes. It’s hard to get away from, when it comes to entertainment. I don’t mean the lesbian pushing- I mean the embracing of the concept that morality is in the eye of the beholder.

Throughout history, entertainment has always explored all sorts of subject matter, but we also used to see morality strewn into what we watched. There were clear cut protagonists and antagonists. Good would prevail over evil.

I can’t remember who said it, but I recently heard someone say they’d like to see a Superhero movie with a representation of today’s moral compass. The superhero would…do whatever he felt like doing and help both innocent civilians and cold blooded murderers. Hey, the murderer wasn’t loved as a child, so whatever he does is okay. Would you see that movie and go home fist-pumping? No.

Nowadays, you watch shows with all these gray characters where there is no good or evil. Sure, realistically, everyone has both good and evil in them. The Bible says we were made in God’s image, but that we were born with a sin nature. However, our country used to stand for something. It used to uphold the Biblical concept of morality. Now, anything and everything is considered a gray area. Morality is no longer black and white.

You can hear the proof of this pouring out of the mouths of all the liberal politicians and celebrities. They put Christians and/or people who believe in right and wrong in a pretty bad light. Liberals think that wanting freedom and prosperity equals greed. They think that standing up for the Constitution is radical and dangerous – not heroic and patriotic.

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