Modern American Tyranny: Unchecked, Unknown…Til Now


Eric Parker, known as “The Man on the Bridge”, or for those who accept the Government’s narrative, “The Bundy Ranch Sniper” provides a first-hand account of what happened on Saturday, 12 April 2014 when BLM agents ceased operation of their roundup of Cliven Bundy’s cattle.

Contrary to the position of the Government, prosecuted by the US Attorneys, Parker outlines how the incident on the bridge was not, in fact, an armed assault as the Government alleges.

His version of the story illuminates the watershed nature of this case as a landmark decision as it relates to Government overreach and Constitutional Rights. Everyone should be closely following the development of this case as its outcome has substantial implications for individual liberty.

Eric Parker is now in jail for speaking up with the truth. THE SNIPER TELLS THE TRUTH and the government indicts him as complicit.

Read the full interview at Eagle Rising

Consider donating to help Eric’s family offset the costs associated with defending liberty in Federal Court.


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