Mitt Romney for President?


by Donald Joy

I was in a spiritually-oriented meeting a week ago, and there were about fifty people in the room. Halfway through, a guy in the center of the room chimed in and announced that he was going to open his speaking time by sharing with us his personal, painful example of the worst kind of betrayal. We all leaned a bit closer to listen as he described, with tongue secretly hidden in cheek, a time when he bit into what he’d thought was a chocolate chip cookie–only to realize with shock and dismay that it was actually a raisin cookie.

He was making a wry point, of course; about expectations, and about accepting and appreciating reality. Later in the meeting, another speaker picked up on the thread, and proceeded to wax allegorically on the relative merits of raisin cookies.

Some of my friends are going to skin me alive for writing this.

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