Mitch McConnell Adopting Obama’s “Yes We Can” Slogan


“To incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), it is more important for Republicans to be the party of yes than go all-out to defund President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty.”

Mitch McConnell is beginning to sound more like Obama every day. One of Obama’s campaign slogans was “yes we can.” A great slogan until voters finally figured out that what he meant was “yes we can . . . with your money.”

There are those in the Republican Party who are making money off of liberal boondoggles. They like government money, which, of course, is tax-payer money. GOP statists only oppose the Democrats on who gets the government largesse. Mitch McConnell is one of them. Unfortunately, there a lot more like him

For example, “[a]top Mitt Romney ally . . . has profited from Obamacare,” so why would this GOP insider want to say no to Obamacare? He’s making money when the government creates programs that have no constitutional basis. He’s using the State to steal for him.

If he stole from individual citizens on his own, he would go to jail, but if he can get elected officials to steal for him, well, that’s just good business.
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