Missouri Rodeo Aftermath: Clowns Will be Clowns


Apparently, the audience at the recent Missouri State Fair cheered while a Missouri rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask got charged by a bull. But the larger national audience isn’t cheering… for the most part. I guess you had to be there.

Almost immediately after the Missouri rodeo clown donned an Obama mask in what appears to have been little more than a run-of-the-mill political jibe, the race-baiters, noise makers, and page view generators started croaking their familiar song: “That’s racist. That’s racist. That’s racist.”

First. Let’s just swat the racist claim out of the air. There is a dim possibility that the rodeo clown dislikes the president because the president is black. But it is far more likely that the clown and the audience picked one of the much more readily apparent reasons to dislike the president, and it also seems likely that the Missouri rodeo clown ridiculed Obama because he disagreed with his politics and thought the mostly conservative audience would get a kick out of imagining a not-so-successful presidential “run with the bulls.”

It may have been stupid and tacky. No. It definitely was. But who cares? He’s a clown. A rodeo clown. At a state fair. What do you expect? A nuanced political monologue? Seriously. And now the clown is banned from clowning for the rest of his life, and the rest of the members of his rodeo association (Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association) are going to have to have proof of sensitivity training before they can ever work in Missouri again. Sensitivity training. I wonder what that looks like? Perhaps he needs a sit-down with Napoleon Dynamite’s principal: “Here in Missouri, we have a little something called … pride. Understand?”

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