Missouri Burning: Obama as the First “Post-Racial” President


by David L. Goetsch

When he first ran for president, Barack Obama made a lot of promises—most of them conveniently vague such as “hope and change.” But one promise he made was both specific and appealing: his promise to be America’s first post-racial president. Of all his campaign promises, this was the only one that aroused the interest of a broad cross-section of Americans. Many Americans were rightly suspicious of Obama’s hope-and-change message. Thinking Americans wanted more information about what Obama actually meant by hope and change. Of course, as things turned out, we apparently have a lot of Americans who vote, but don’t think—but that is a topic for another article. When it came to Obama’s promise to help bridge America’s racial divide, even voters who did not trust the Senator were hopeful. We should have known better.

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