Misadventures In Misanthropy With Hopey Changey The Clown


by Gethan Curtis

It was the first word in the title of this piece that got the ball rolling in my noggin: failed.

Up until Barack Obama, there hadn’t been any sighting of the words “US Special Forces” and failed in the same sentence across the bulk of my 50+ years of life, save for the peace-whore peanut magnate who screwed up the Iran debacle that put us where we are today with those bastards, and the wet-stogey-sniffing ugly secretary aficionado that dropped some of our birds in the laps of an enemy we weren’t even at war with.

And, in keeping with the standard m.o of soldier-hating Democrats who seem to enjoy putting our men and women in harm’s way with no clear (or sensible) objective, while getting oodles of media slobber to distract us from all the other things he’s screwing up, President Hopey Changey has taken his own turn (again) at trying to prove he can effectively command the once-most feared and respected military in the history of mankind while ultimately making us look like a bunch of chumps in the process. Take heart my fellow citizens… he’s failed (of course) but – as all liberals would agree – it’s the “trying” that matters in the end… not the meeting of the freaking objective… and that’s what wins the hearts and minds of the low-browed a$$hats that keep voting in favor of the status quo in DC after all.

There’s something about this failed Seals story, though, that I just can’t let go of. As pieces of the story come forward, it got me to spend some time looking back a little in recent history just to make sure my tinfoil hat was correctly adjusted. Bear with me… I had to spend a lot of time in the GOOGspook dungeon archives to see if I had this right.

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