Are Millennials Going to Screw Up the Law Enforcement System?


by Carly Hill

Wheeeee!!!! I’m a millennial! I’m super confident – could totally teach the class on nailing job interviews. I’m ambitious – I’ll get that promotion whether I’m qualified or not – why shouldn’t I? Change doesn’t bother me – in fact, I thrive in it. I’m great at ladder climbing while texting and I just love it when people are real with me.

…I’m being serious. That generalization fits me like a glove. And if you’re honest with yourself, you’re kind of just like me.

D.C. Detective, Rod Wheeler was recently interviewed on Fox about millennial recruits posing a problem for the future of law enforcement. Why? Well, in a breath…because, as Wheeler and the Fox contributers on the show generalized, us young guns jump from job to job. We don’t stay planted at one place for long. We climb the ladder seeking to be bigger and better. We’re technology dependent to the point where we may lack the one-on-one relational skills that make a good law enforcement officer. Etc. Etc. Etc.

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