Military Morale Plummets Since 2009. I’ve Got Some Ideas Why


As a commander in the military it was often vital to conduct a unit climate survey assessment in order to gauge the undercurrents and morale of one’s unit. It was referred to as the “Command Climate Survey” and if properly done was a key tool in confirming what you as the commander felt about your unit. Some leaders were distant in their style and depended upon such a tool while others were “hands-on” and very engaged and could use the tool as a supplemental measure of effectiveness — that was my preference. Soon after a change of command, another important metric was to sit with key leaders of the organization to determine the “sustains and improves” for the unit moving forward — this was ideal because it required key leader buy-in — not just an incoming commander imposing his will.

So based on having had these experiences, I found this bit of news quite disturbing when it comes to the morale of the U.S. armed forces. As reported by Newsmaxbased on the Military Times survey report, “Morale among military troops has declined in nearly every aspect of military life over the last five years, a new survey has found. According to the Military Times survey of 2,500 of active-duty troops, findings indicated significantly lower overall job satisfaction, diminished respect for superiors, and declining interest in re-enlistment.”

“Overall, today’s service members told the Military Times that they feel underpaid, under-equipped and under-appreciated. One expert said that the survey showed that “the mission matters more to the military than to the civilian.”

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