Miley is the New America


by Carly Hill

Oh, Miley. You’ve definitely succeeded in getting our attention. You’ve managed to offend pretty much all people groups…

Hannah Montana fans – check.
Self-respecting adults – check.
People over 40 (see interview with Matt Lauer) – check.
People who suffer from tiny strokes (think SNL appearance) – check.

The only people group I can think of who hasn’t been offended by the Miley circus is what I’ll call the amoral, tolerant libs.

Miley is the definition of the new America – this new America that embraces atheism and moral relativism. Miley Cyrus is the product of our malignant culture – a culture that has forsaken its conscience – a culture that has forsaken logic and the idea that there is a right and a wrong.

As Millennials, it’s definitely against the grain for us to do anything but embrace Miley and her “artistic expression.” It’s absurd for us to reject the wagging of her soft-core porn in all of our faces…and in the faces of our boyfriends….and little sisters. Sadly, these days, Millennials with morals are a fringe group.

In the infamously awkward Today Show interview recently, Matt Lauer asked Miley if she feared that her recent antics would overshadow her talent and make her be remembered by the wrong things (well, he didn’t put it that way – he was much more complimentary), and she was true to her who-cares-no-regrets attitude.

She’s made it clear and said it in every interview – she knows that kids are watching her, BUT she is twenty! She wants to be free to grow up and “make mistakes.”

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