Microaggression, Off-grid, Homeschool, Gay fairy tales, & Graduation


Are our students really this overly-sensitive? Students at Arizona State Univ. petition school to change name of “Walk-Only Zones” because it COULD offend disabled persons. They call it “microaggression.” I call it ridiculous.

Off-grid Kentucky homeschooling parents lose custody of 10 kids. Right or wrong?

Allowing illegals to join the military means more jobs lost to illegals. They’ll fill positions that Americans would normally take. Serving in the military is also a career that provides jobs for out-of-work Americans.

ACLU threatens Idaho school district over gender-conforming graduation dress code

Parents complain after teacher reads ‘gay fairy tale’ to 3rd graders. School district requires parental notification of controversial subject and allows them to opt-out. Teacher argues it was a safety issue and bypassed the notification requirement. We call it indoctrination.

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