Michelle Obama for president? GOP strategist says, ‘Laugh at your own peril’


Recently I attended a dinner event where Roger Stone, news magnet, political strategist and longtime friend/adviser to President Trump, was the featured speaker.

Along with plugging his new book, “The Making of the President 2016” and pleading innocent to any Russia/Trump campaign connection, Wikileaks or Guccifer 2.0 hack, Stone made an astounding public prediction. He proclaimed that former First Lady Michelle Obama would be a future presidential candidate, adding that she would be “formidable” and should not be underestimated.

Given that for decades, Stone has played either an official or unofficial role in Republican presidential campaigns starting with Richard Nixon, I should know better than to question one of his predictions.

But I asked anyway, “Do you really believe that Michelle Obama will run for president even though she supposedly hates politics?”

Roger reiterated that he firmly believed Mrs. Obama would run adding, “Just wait, remember when I told you that Trump would win and you did not believe me?”

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