Michael Moore: Trump Must Step Aside for Hillary


The relentless Michael Moore has come up with yet another outlandish political scenario that ends with Trump gone and Hillary president.

This one involves President Trump stepping down due to baseless rumors and accusations swirling around the toilet—known as the mainstream media—so that Hillary Clinton can take his place as the next president of the United States.

All of Moore’s information is based on an unsubstantiated story in The New York Times. The story says that unknown members of Trump’s presidential campaign may have been in collusion with Russian officials to fix, or “throw,” as Moore puts it, the election for Donald Trump because there were several phone calls “intercepted” with unknown context, as of yet, between Trump and Russian officials.

Moore posted the following on Facebook:

Of course, if President Trump stepped down, Vice President Mike Pence would become president, but Moore has that figured out:

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