MH370 Pilot an Obsessive Political Fanatic — Attended Sodomy Trial Of Malaysian Opposition Leader Before Takeoff


by Donald Joy

Breaking developments in the biggest aviation caper of all time point to the captain of the missing plane being a “fanatical” political activist who may have been highly upset over the Malaysian government’s recent jailing of the leader of the opposition movement in his country.

Sources say only seven hours prior to taking-off on flight MH370, the Boeing 777 captain even attended the controversial trial of Anwar Ibrahim, the political opposition leader accused of homosexual sodomy, a serious crime in Malaysia.

According to investigators quoted in The UK Daily Mail Online, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was described by a colleagues and co-workers as “obsessive” over politics, and as a “social activist” who was “vocal, fervent, and strident in his support for Anwar Ibrahim.” Ibrahim was convicted of sodomy and sentenced to five years in prison by the Malaysian government just before captain Shah climbed into the cockpit of flight MH370.

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