by Sean Aland

Charles Colson in the book –The glory of Christmas– wrote “Kings and presidents and prime ministers surround themselves with minions who rush ahead, swing the doors wide, and stand at attention as they wait for the great to pass. Jesus said that he himself stands at the door and knocks, patiently waiting to enter our lives.”

The concept of a King who serves his subjects while giving them something for free is completely foreign to the ruling class of DC elites. The DC aristocracy that wants to rule over us just can’t grasp the idea of servant-hood or servant leadership because everything revolves around them. So it is no wonder that we see Christmas being degraded and no champions on Capitol Hill to defend a truly blessed holiday that could benefit all Americans.

Once again we see Christmas under attack as political correctness (PC) reshapes the holiday and its meaning. Christmas is the holiday that celebrates the birth of Christ. Yet the Holiday that falls on December 25th has gone from Christmas and Christmas break to celebrating the Holidays or the Holiday season. When did they change the 25th to Holiday? PC redefines Christmas as the winter holiday break, family time, great shopping, a good economy stimulator, or winter vacation. Atheists see this time as a platform of opportunity to stir controversy, insult Christians, and flex their non-God believing muscles by intimidating towns and anyone who wants to celebrate Christmas.

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