Mental Brita – How to Develop Your Inner Band-Pass Filter


by Luke Hamilton

In the world of audio engineering, there exists a wonderful tool called the band-pass filter. When a sound is generated, waves of energy transmit from the source to a receptacle which collects and interprets them, i.e. an eardrum. Sound waves function at a wide range of frequencies and a band-pass filter functions as a funnel for these waves. The audio engineer sets a low-frequency limit and a high-frequency limit for his filter and runs the audio sample through the filter. This funnel effectively removes any frequency operating above or below the proscribed filter levels but allows the rest to pass through. In this manner, audio engineers isolate valuable audio previously buried under high- or low-frequency garbage.

Dear Reader, Americans need a band-pass filter. The average American remains minimally-informed, despite the unimaginable amount of information available to him. Anyone with an e-reader, an Amazon account, and $10 can purchase a CD containing 15,000 of the greatest books in the history of literature, 6,000 of which can then be transferred to a device that fits into a breast-pocket and weighs less than a sandwich.

To put this in context, the Grand Vizier of Persia, Saheb Ibn Abad, used to travel with all of his 117,000 books, even to war. He carried them on 400 camels, which were trained to walk in a specific order so that his books would remain alphabetized, allowing him to locate a specific volume at will. Today, thanks to some money-grubbing capitalists, the owner of a Kindle Fire can tote around what would have taken Saheb Ibn Abad 51 camels to carry, without the tedium of dromedary-alphabetization.

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