The men Obama has abandoned


by Allen West

President Obama is in South Africa for his self-gratifying opportunity to get before cameras for the funeral of Nelson Mandela and shake Raul Castro’s hand. As we wrote Sunday evening, seems that British PM Margaret Thatcher was not deserving of his time or attention.

It got me thinking of others who seemingly do not deserve President Obama’s time or attention. In the military we live by a code that defines our commitment to each other, an undying devotion of “Leave no Man Behind.”

In the Battle of Mogadishu, it was that code that drove American warriors, Rangers and Delta Force, to fight it out. It was that code that motivated two Delta Snipers, MSG Gary Gordon and SFC Randy Shughart, to drop into a hot zone, knowing that reinforcements would not be immediately sent, to secure and defend wounded 160th SOAR pilot CW3 Michael Durant. They willingly gave their lives in that last full measure of devotion, earning the nation’s highest honor, the Medal of Honor.

We need a president who understands this code, instead of the personal code of narcissism. There are Americans still waiting for an American leader who understands the code embodied by Gordon and Shughart.

Consider Kenneth Bae who sits in North Korea — left behind.

In Iran, there are three Americans: Robert Levinson, Saeed Abedini, and Amir Hekmati left behind. In September this year during a call with the Iranian leader Rouhani, President Obama “noted” concern — and then proceeded to acquiesce to the Islamic totalitarian regime by lifting sanctions in the hope they would slow down their uranium enrichment.

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