As Memorial Day approaches, one partisan politician levels ugly accusations about patriotism


by Howard Portnoy

Memorial Day has become a time not of remembrance, as its name connotes, but just another three-day weekend, with its own plethora of sales and other examples of crass commercialism. The holiday was perhaps closer to its original meaning back when it was called Decoration Day — a name that harked back to the practice, begun in the Civil War, of decorating the graves of fallen heroes.

On this Memorial Day, it would do the nation well to rise above partisan rancor, to dispense with the petty bickering and name-calling exemplified this past week by one politician, who accused the president of acting in a manner that is nakedly political and makes voters “cynical” and “angry.”

The pol went on to observe:

We’ve got a commander-in-chief right now that has been captured by ideologues … whose principal focus at any given point in the day is trying to figure out how can he make people sufficiently cynical, sufficiently angry, sufficiently suspicious that his party can win the next election.

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