Memo to the GOP: Here’s How to Win Big This Fall


by Steve Deace

Despite an environment that is as favorable to Republicans as 2006 was to Democrats, the Grand Old Party is struggling to seize the opportunity that is the 2014 election.

Polls show voters are the least enthusiastic they’ve ever been about a mid-term election, and in the current (and almost always right) Real Clear Politics polling average there isn’t a single Republican U.S. Senate candidate with a lead larger than three points in a crucial swing contest. In fact, most of the races favoring the GOP are either tied or just one-point races.

Needless to say, the rightly loathed GOP consultant class is counseling Republicans to do nothing but essentially stand there and win by default. Because that worked so well in 2012. I believe there is a simple, yet powerful message Republicans running for office this fall can win with — whether they’re running for U.S. Senate or a state/local race.

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