Are Mega-Churches Saving America or Finishing it Off?


by Steve Deace

In a recent article in the Christian Post addressing the ongoing controversy over mega-churches, South Carolina mega-church pastor Perry Noble makes the case his now 40,000 member, multi-campus church needs to continue to grow in order to reach the lost. Noble says:

“We’re all about the numbers because we believe that every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God. We aren’t just about NewSpring being a church of thousands of people … we want all churches to be thousands strong because of the potential the church has. People are going to hell because we’re more concerned about our temporary comfort than people’s eternal destinations. … Maybe (critics) don’t like the idea of mega-churches because their doubt is bigger than their faith that God can build a big church. Jesus unapologetically grew the size of His church beyond hundreds, thousands, and maybe He even wants millions or billions of people to be part of the Church.”

Noble raises one key point here worth considering.

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