Media Silent As Third Oklahoma Muslim STABS Christian


by Erik Rush

On November 18, 2014, another Oklahoma City Muslim attacked a Christian man over a “religious debate.” Once again, as is a typical pattern for Muslim debate, his weapon of choice was a knife. Words are simply not enough for these monsters. Where was the media when this event took place? Apparently another attempted beheading simply wasn’t worth their time. With events spiraling out of control in Ferguson, America’s dictator in Chief Barak Obama declaring executive amnesty, and other notable personalities coming out as homosexuals, there simply isn’t enough time or interest to cover near beheadings.

Pamela Geller caught it, as did Robert Spencer. She always does. But she’s the enemy as far as the mainstream media is concerned. America is being openly destroyed from within, and though various local media outlets reported on the incident, in broad generic terms, this escaped all major sites except small conservative blogs. America is under attack by an enemy that will kill and destroy everyone in its path. Meanwhile, the media yawns.

As reported by Liberty News online (via Pamela Geller), “On Monday authorities responded to a 911 about an assault in the 1400 block of Northeast 11th Street. Upon their arrival, officers learned the victim, Jerome Bullock and 54-year-old Jimmy Stepney had been arguing about the Bible and the Quran. The report went on to say Stepney had been making comments about beheading people.”

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