Media Missiles Launched at Cruz Misfire


The media response to Cruz’s first-out-of-the gate announcement was painfully predictable.

The New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, CNN and other citadels of advocacy journalism told us (while trying, not very hard, to maintain a veneer of objectivity) that this wing-nut Senator from Texas is “seen as a divisive figure in Washington” – plus “his colleagues don’t like him,” he “has denied prevailing science (theory) on climate change,” and has “defied and battled his party’s establishment.”

They quoted RINO Rep. Peter King that Cruz “brought the country to the edge of ruin” by trying to actually do something about Obamacare, and claimed his time in Washington “has been marked by accusations of demagogy.” (Words like “demagogy,” “intransigent” and “hardliner” are reserved for a certain type of Republican.) Cruz is “The Most Hated Man In The Senate” (read the headline of a story in Foreign Policy), has “done nothing to endear himself to party elites,” and has either an exceedingly slim, razor-thin, anorexic or absolutely no chance of winning the Republican nomination.

Rarely was it told that Cruz is a Harvard-educated lawyer (Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said that in decades of teaching, Cruz was one of his brightest students) who clerked for Chief Justice William Rehnquist and, as the state’s solicitor general, represented Texas in cases before the Supreme Court.
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