Media Hides Fact That Air Force Veteran Trying to Join ISIS is a Muslim


Isn’t it time to stop allowing Muslims into the U.S. military? Another convert to Islam and self-proclaimed jihadist, former Air Force specialist and airline mechanic from New Jersey, Tairod Nathan Webster Pugh, 47, tried to join ISIS in January.

NY Post  Pugh served in the Air Force from 1986 to 1990 and was trained in aircraft maintenance and weapons systems, court papers state. He converted to Islam in 1998 and worked for several different airlines as a mechanic, papers state.

Pugh, of Neptune, traveled from Egypt to Turkey “in an effort to cross the border into Syria to join ISIL and fight violent jihad,” officials said after unsealing his indictment, using the other popular acronym for ISIS.

In a letter to his wife, and on Facebook posts, “I am a Mujahid,” Pugh said in a Jan. 5 letter to his wife, Misha. A mujahid is one who struggles for the sake of Allah and Islam. “I am sword against the oppressor and a shield for the oppressed,” he continued. “There are only two possible outcomes for me: Victory or Martyr.

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