Media Downplays Muslims Casing Jewish Synagogues in This US City


Unbelievable. You can bet your last dollar the media would be all over some Christians staking out a Mosque, but when it’s a group of Muslim women casing a few synagogues in metro-Miami, it’s just “harmless curiosity.”

A pair of Muslim women (we are unclear if it is the same pair or different pairs) — donning hijabs and carrying a Quran — have been casing multiple synagogues — at least three to date — asking suspicious questions about when large crowds gather for different kinds of services.

The incident was reported a mere day later (February 18) by the local NBC affiliate (video reports also posted above) after law enforcement investigated:

Given the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, many people are on high alert about what they think appears odd in their neighborhood. That led to two women’s harmless curiosity about religion landing them in police questioning.

Reporters (not pundits) are never to draw conclusions about other people’s intentions with definitive statements like that. That is why words like “seemingly,” “reportedly,” “allegedly,” or “apparent” are used, in lieu of a more definitive statement like “harmless curiosity.”

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