Meanwhile Back in Iraq: Abu Ghraib Prison Escape


Late Sunday night Sunni insurgents raided the infamous Abu Ghraib prison. 500 convicted, high-level al Qaeda militants, most of whom were sentenced to execution, fled. Al Qaeda without a doubt is on the run.

The name Abu Ghraib, synonymous with torturous brutalization in the eyes of the international community, conjures up images of maltreated al-Qaeda detainees being paraded in their under-sheaths by their American jailers. Images, as seen on the cover of Time and Newsweek, further amplified the international community’s prejudiced vilification of the U.S. as “occupiers” and “human rights violators”. For them, the images proved Bush and his senior administration and military officials to be war criminals; images that in their opinion should have been entered into evidence against Bush, making him answer for war crimes and face the Hague.

This outcry is coming from the same international community that bizarrely dismissed the massacre and systematic torture of the Iraqi people and political enemies at the same location under Saddam Hussein’s regime.

What made the Abu Ghraib abuses so egregious was that the captors suffered sexual humiliation, primarily at the hands of female military guards (namely Army Reservist, Spc. Lynndie England – who infamously gave the thumbs up while pointing at a captor’s genitalia).

These al Qaeda captors were made the victims in a twist of irony—suffering great “mental injuries” by being “tortured” by female U.S. soldiers who lacked cultural sensitivity, apparently not knowing a woman’s place in the Arab world is one of being subjugated to a life of silence and passivity behind a burqa.

In a futile attempt to salvage the U.S. image of being the world’s foremost example of human rights advocacy, the low-ranking offenders and their superiors were tried, judged accordingly and punished. Spc. England, among others, served time in military prison and were dishonorably discharged.

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