Master of Diplomacy John Kerry Gets Caught Blasting Israel


by Matt Fox

The Obama administration’s disdain for Israel and its Prime Minister is nothing new. Yet, six years into its term, Team Obama still pretends like it has the back of Israelis, mostly in an attempt to not look like another Jimmy Carter administration. In that regard, they’ve completely failed.

Whether snubbing Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House, proposing a return to pre-1967 borders, or engaging with Iran while Tehran threatened a nuclear Holocaust against Israel, the Obama presidency has been one that’s created more distance between America and her greatest ally than ever before. During his infamous Cairo speech, Obama drew a parallel between Jewish suffering during the Holocaust and the experience of Palestinians. He has also attacked the Israeli “occupation” during a speech at the United Nations, and that’s not even to mention then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s call for Israel to demonstrate some “respect” towards its adversaries.

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