Massachusetts, Remember Democrats Past! Save Our State


“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

I love this quote by President John F. Kennedy because I think it encapsulates the American spirit. Unlike society’s message today, this quote evokes a deep sense of duty, respect, and honor in the American soul. It encourages us to give, not receive.

Take a look around you—the young, the baby-boomers, the illegal immigrants; they all expect handouts. There is no sense of giving towards a greater cause unless they’re getting something out of it; and even then, the contribution is minimal. What strikes me as more disheartening, if not disturbing, than this is that this mentality and way of living is flourishing and alive and well today in President Kennedy’s home state.

Here in Massachusetts, diversity doesn’t refer to your country of origin, political view, baseball team, or even the color of your skin. Your sexual preference here will elevate you in the food chain, advancing you to win over people with what they consider a plight. Homosexuals are given a badge of honor as though they’ve come back from war in Afghanistan or an Iranian prison. Homosexuality actually serves as a subculture here and if you’re not on board, hell, you better jump ship.

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