Mass Shooters Always Have Two Things in Common: Pharmaceutical Drug use and This…


There are two elements that are usually present in those young men who have been involved in mass shootings. The first thing is they are usually taking some kind of pharmaceutical drug and the other is that they are either fatherless or have a very distant or weak father.

In a recent episode of Afterburner with Bill Whittle, he discusses this very important issue.

In addressing the recent shooting in Oregon, Whittle recounted the fact that Chris Harper Mercer’s father had no idea about his son’s ideology that would have led to the shooting nor did he know how he came to acquire 13 guns. Dad was completely out of the picture. Instead of him looking to his son as the perpetrator of the crime, he pointed to the guns. They are the killers, simple as that.

It’s funny, I’ve never seen a gun grow legs, walk onto a college campus, aim itself and fire at unarmed people.

Whittle points out the Mercer’s father is not alone in his belief the guns are the real killers. Whittle mockingly asks that if guns are the issue, then “What made these five guns go on a murder spree while at the same time almost 300 million other guns were peacefully resting or protecting their owners? Were these guns mistreated or mishandled in some way? Is that what caused then to snap and open fire?”

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