Martin Luther King, Jr: Reverend or Doctor and why it matters


by Kevin Jackson

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You probably don’t know who Reverend Michael King, Jr was.

That’s because Reverend Michael King, Jr is the only private citizen to have a national holiday in his honor, and is Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

King’s father changed his and his son’s names to Martin Luther in honor of the German reformer, Martin Luther.

Martin Luther was a German monk, a professor theology and iconic figure of the 16th century reform movement of Christianity, also called the Protestant Reformation. He argued that you could not buy your way into Heaven, or buy your way out from under God’s wrath, but instead must rely on God’s grace.

Martin Luther was ostracized by both the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, when he refused to retract all his writings at the Diet of Worms in 1521. For this he was excommunicated by the Pope and condemned as an outlaw by the Emperor.

Like his namesake, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought against the systems of his day. King used religion and God as his tools. And as my good friend and fellow black Conservative, Mason Weaver, said to me recently, “God will free people who believe in him from slavery.”

And that’s exactly what happened. Black people escaped bondage once again, as racist Democrats led by a racist government were forced to bend to the will of God.

So why is Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr, now referred to as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr?
It’s simple.

The Left wants no remnants of the Christian revolution that changed this country. They prefer to make people forget that the biggest change to happen to America since the Civil War was led by a black Christian who was also a Republican.

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