How Margaret Thatcher Put Sexist Socialist President Of France In His Place


by Jerry Bowyer

I love some of those little personal stories from the truly great leaders which don’t tend to make it into the history books. Reagan and Thatcher had quite a few such moments. Recently Michael Novak, in talking about his memoirs Writing From Left to Right, told me this one about a meeting of leaders of the developed world, hosted in France by Francois Mitterrand, the egotistical, socialist, sexist, and failed President of France, but then I repeat myself.

Michael: “Lady Thatcher, too, I had spent some good time with. Really, really love that woman. When Karen and I were together it was often with Dennis and Margaret. Karen took special efforts to bring Dennis into the conversation and it was just so neat, so amazing to be with people in this relaxed situation. And yet, Lady Thatcher invited me to come to Downing Street and I actually went twice. She was eager to show me Spirit of Democratic Capitalism – the book you mentioned – her copy of it. It was marked up on almost every page with little comments, [and]she wanted to show me that because she said, “You’re not going to believe it, but it is all marked up.” And so it was.

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