Many Christian Churches Turning to Rome—Not the Vatican—the Coliseum!


Over 700 Evangelical American churches are electing to go the way of the gladiators. Believing that men in the church have become emasculated, the churches decided that bloody cage fighting, featuring no holds barred martial arts, will bring men—especially young men back into the church. It’s apparent that in today’s society, we are seeing the feminization of men and the masculization of women.

  • Men are doubting their sex roles.
  • Many men are now wearing earrings, previously worn by only women.
  • Women as well are doubting their sex roles wearing military regalia and engaging in combat in complete defiance of Scripture (Deuteronomy 22:5).
  • Men are preferring men rather than women (Romans 1:27), and women are preferring women to men (Romans 1:26) with the media and entertainment programming approving of such lifestyles (Romans 1: 32).

Promoting violence for men is not the answer to manhood. In 847 A.D. Pope Leo the IV took a page from the Qur’an and promised that if Christian men would fight under the Cross and die in the service of Jesus against the Muslim hordes that were overrunning Europe—they would be guaranteed entry into Heaven! Never mind there is no biblical verse to back this up, but it can be found in the Qur’an; a couple of examples are sûrah 4:74 and sûrah 9:111. We also know how the Romans kept their populist pacified through bread and circuses which was like today’s food stamps and entertainment, only in the days of Rome the entertainment was gladiators battling each other—many times to the death—to the delight of the onlookers. Blood sports between men have always been a favorite of Pagan societies throughout history. A modern example of such a blood sport can be seen through the bloody sport of martial arts “Cage Assault.” In this sport two or more men are pitted against each other in what has come to be considered the most barbaric and bloody sport around today. A pastor of “Cage Assault” fighting under the auspices of his church is 37 year old Memphis pastor, John Renken, who was allegedly overheard praying, ““Father, we thank you for tonight….We pray that we will be a representation of you.” Only to be heard at the event instructing the young men of his flock to inflict “hard punches….finish the fight! To the head! To the head!” Pastor Renken came from a church near Nashville referred to as “Xtreme Ministries” whose motto is, “Where Feet, Fist and Faith Collide.” As we alluded to in our opening paragraph, the reason given by many of these churches for infusing this barbarism into today’s church is because of the feminization of today’s young men. Who is Jesus that we should follow Him? Is Jesus a prince of war like Muhammad? The Bible tells us who Jesus is when it prophesied His coming to earth:
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