Man Admits Obsession with ‘Women’s Health’ All About Getting Lucky


As I have noted previously here at Clash Daily and elsewhere, many feminists, angry at the treatment they got from her, have decided to strap on their combat boots and go to war with Mother Nature. Their seething rage at their inherent disadvantage in the traditional mating game, in which men pursue attractive women, who in turn use their pretty-girl bargaining power to obtain lifetime commitments from quality men, leads them to one conclusion; that is, traditional courtship and marriage must be destroyed and thrown on the ash heap of history.

In its place, women will be “liberated” to enjoy no-commitment, recreational sex as much as men do, as often, as gleefully, and with as many guys as possible, unconcerned about any inconvenient tissue mass that might result. Pregnancy is just another “treatable condition,” and abortion on demand is the cure.

Party on, Girls, like the proud sluts you are! If you do decide to allow one of the “fetuses” that end up in your belly to be born, you won’t be distressed that he has no father in his life. Only a Neanderthal could think such a backward, patriarchal thought!

I hope that hearing the truth put in that way makes the obvious even more so. If not, ask yourself: “Who does this modern scenario benefit?” Does it benefit a woman to be test-driven by a series of men in a series of meaningless sexual encounters only to end up used up, discarded, past her prime and bitter that she bought into a lie? Of course it doesn’t! In yet another in the seemingly endless supply of ironies associated with liberalism, the primary beneficiaries of the so-called “women’s movement” are the very men who were supposed to be the “oppressors”, now liberated even from the responsibility to marry the women they impregnate.

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