Malik Shabaz makes Al Sharpton Look Good – Almost


It now appears that for years I have been operating under a misconception. I have long thought that Al Sharpton had no peer when it comes to being the most irresponsible, opportunistic, self-serving, despicable race hustler in the black community. However, “Reverend” Al might just have found a contender for his infamous crown in the person of Malik Shabaz. In fact, after witnessing his performance in Baltimore recently I began to think that Shabaz makes Sharpton look good—well, almost. Actually, nobody could make Al Sharpton look good. After all, he is too committed to low-life tactics and exploiting black Americans for profit to ever look good.

But the “Reverend” is going to have to sink even lower if he wants to keep up with the irresponsible antics of Malik Zulu Shabaz. By praising those who rioted, looted, and burned and claiming that these are the only tactics that will bring justice to the black community, Shabaz showed himself to be little more than a gangbanger in a suit. Not only is Shabaz the former National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party, he holds the ironic distinction of being fired by former Washington, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry for being too radical. You have to be a real piece of work to be too radical to work for a mayor who was a confirmed drug addict and criminal—and Shabaz is.
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