Major Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc; 7 Dead, 9K+ Flights Canceled, Schools Closed, Millions of Dollars in Property Damage Done


One of the latest winter storms in recent memory has wreaked havoc across North America and it’s still too early to tell just how much damage has been done.

The storm dumped at least 30 inches of snow across the Northeast and has caused a huge swath of the nation to simply “shut down.” At least 7 people have died due to the storms effects, and thousands more have been stranded when the storm forced changes to their travel plans. And while the storm has mostly moved out over the Atlantic Ocean now, experts still expect a blizzard to drop at least ten more inches of snow to fall in Canada while bringing wind gusts of up to 60 mph!

More than 30 inches of snow were reported Tuesday in parts of Pennsylvania and upstate New York, according to the National Weather Service. Some parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine received 20 inches or more, the weather service said.
“Areas along the coast from New York to Boston, didn’t see as much as expected,” said Taylor Ward, a CNN meteorologist. “But some portions of the Northeast have seen more than 30 inches of snow.”

Strong winds also caused difficulties Tuesday. Along the New Jersey coast, winds pushed ocean water into neighborhoods, resulting in coastal flooding and beach erosion.

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