The Mainstream Media’s Sudden Hard Ball Questions about Benghazi


by Carolyn Elkins

It seems that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews wants to get to the bottom of what really happened in Benghazi. Really Chris? Because last October, you had the chance to ask what happened, but since it was only a month before the election, you didn’t bother. Instead, you helped push the narrative that the attack was over some movie that until the Obama administration started pushing it, no one had ever heard of.

He starts his show’s segment asking why reinforcements didn’t arrive in time, and then broke to a clip of last week’s CBS’ 60 Minutes piece when Lara Logan asked Gregory Hicks about military assets.

He was interviewing former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb who along with former Army Ranger/Green Beret Jack Murphy wrote the book ‘Benghazi: The Definitive Report. Brandon brought up the fact that the State Department wasn’t prepared to deal with the situation.

Matthews responds, “I guess this is the question that gets to me. If you’re out there pinned down and word gets back to Washington in real time at the National Security Agency, rather the National Security desk, why didn’t we try to send somebody from somewhere? What happened?”

According to my research notes from October 8th 2012, when asked by CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson if there was a disconnect between what he saw on the ground and what the State Dept. folks thought was going on in Libya, Green Beret Lt. Col. Andy Wood replied, “There was certainly no disconnect in our transfer of information to them. They were getting the information on the situation on the ground. We sent it up through State Dept. cables and I sent it up to the military side on the D.O.D. side. So, there was awareness of what the situation in Libya was about….” When asked when they received word that they would not be allowed to stay, Lt. Col. Wood replied, “We knew that was coming through the cables and the draft cables that were going back and forth. The requests were being modified to say ‘don’t even request for D.O.D. support’” Some of the security teams would have remained in Benghazi if they had been allowed to.

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