Jim Tankersley of the Washington Post reported on Tuesday that Cruz has more cause to complain than any other candidate in the GOP field when it comes to the amount of press coverage he has earned relative to his performance in the polls.

And before anyone reminds me that I have a track record of calling the polls “phony baloney,” let me make clear that the issue at hand is not whether that is true. The question is whether mainstream media—which itself conducts and believes abundantly in this polling data—is applying an equal standard to all the candidates in the Republican presidential field.

To that question, the answer is a resounding ‘no.’

Using Real Clear Politics polling averages and then comparing them to each candidate’s share of all on-air mentions (or “earned media”) on national cable networks this year, Tankersley reported that Donald Trump received 90 percent more air time than his polling numbers would appear to merit in 2015. Allow that number to sink in for a moment.

Jeb Bush is another serial offender, receiving 70 percent more coverage than his polling numbers warrant. On the other hand, Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee make up a group that has received between 60 and 70 percent less cable television coverage than their polling numbers seem to support. And for Cruz in particular, things get much worse when breaking down the numbers for the last month alone.

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