The (Main) Problem With The Republican Party


by Candace Hardin

The Republican Party is a relative newcomer in the political scene. Created in 1854, its existence was brought about to combat the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The original platforms were gold standard, pro business, and railroads among others. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president. He was the only president to actually sign an amendment to the Constitution. He signed the 13th amendment abolishing slavery.

How far has the Party come since Lincoln? I would say that up to and including President Ronald Reagan the Party has remained fairly consistent with its original platforms.

So, what is the problem with today’s Republican leaders? Why is the Party losing membership to those who label themselves Independents or just “Conservatives”? NBC seems to think that the Republicans face an empathy gap among voters. As usual, they are accusing the Republicans of not being able to relate to the poor, and only helping the rich. This is the standard equestrian residue that all Democrats like to throw at the GOP.

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