Madison Root: Brainwashed Baby Robot or Glimmer of Hope?


by Carly Hill

Oh sweet little Madison Root. Trying to sell mistletoe to earn money for her braces, she was told by a security guard that she couldn’t sell the mistletoe for money, but she could beg for money.

She spoke about her experience on The Kelly File as if she were reciting from cue cards that her parents were holding off camera. But as obvious as it was that her strong “I believe in working for what I earn” beliefs were pumped into her head by her obviously conservative parents, it was was sweet and it gave me a whole lot of hope.

In the video above, she made the excellent point, “We need to raise awareness that people are begging instead of working hard.”

She’s obviously right, and most conservatives are probably applauding her. But, I don’t even have to flip over to the liberal media stations to guess what their reactions are. They’ll say she’s brainwashed. They’ll say she’s a robot. They’ll say that her parents are exploiting her.

The way I see it, you can look at this little girl’s national rant in two ways.

1. You can scoff at the obvious brainwashing-job her parents have done and dismiss her message due to her age and the overanimated way she recited her “script.”

2. You can take the truth of what she said and rejoice in the hope that this conservative ideology is still being taught in homes. You can rest assured that there are still Americans who are teaching their kids to be hard workers who don’t walk through life with a sense of entitlement.

Little 11-year-old Madison may not really have a firm grasp of what she’s talking about yet, but her parents (both entrepreneurs) have taught her well and with that foundation working in her favor, she could end up having a lot of influence in her own generation (whatever generation is after ours…would it be Gen-Z?).

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