I Lost…But, my Peeps WON!!


by Victoria Jackson

Sitting with friends at Brixx Pizza in Cool Springs tonight, I was thrilled to hear of the victory of school board candidates Dr. Beth Burgos, Candy Emerson, Susan Curlee, Dan Cash, and Rep. Glen Casada! I fought for their win. They are against Common Core! Yay! I felt for my first time the feeling of being involved, boots on the ground, for a good cause and seeing political efforts rewarded! How wonderful it will be to attend school board meetings now and see a majority of the school board smiling, listening and anxious to save freedom, America and parental rights! Huge victory.

On a personal note, my campaign, the office of “County Commissioner of Williamson County District 2″ was pushed aside as unimportant. The TV coverage seemed to ignore that office. But, my friends and I were very curious. Did our efforts mean anything? Was anyone listening? The doors I knocked. The sweat that poured from my pores as I walked the street next to rush hour traffic on Columbia Pike, holding my sign, pushing my “push cards,” the videos, articles, enduring the barbs from the liberally biased media… All for naught?

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