Looking Back After Five Years: Obama’s First 100 Days


by Allan Erickson

Sometimes it’s a good idea to step back, examine highlights, get the big picture, and see patterns. Barack Hussein Obama was inaugurated Jan. 20, 2009. What can we learn from a review of his first 100 days? It was a blizzard of big initiatives. It would appear a small man bit off much more than he could chew.

The chart below lists dates, the issue the President addressed, background information and his suspected motivation, and what he did about the matter:

1.22 Close Gitmo executive order – Apologizing to Islam – Nothing, still open
1.22 Torture – Calls waterboarding torture – Prohibited waterboarding
1.23 Abortion funding overseas – Time we end the politicization of this issue – Restored abortion funding
1.23 War on terror – Security is a priority – Ordered 2 drone strikes
1.26 Relations with Muslims – Vows to listen to Muslims, first formal interview – Al Arabiya interview, Saudi run
2.3 Cabinet appointments – He takes responsibility for all the confusion – Gave 5 TV interviews
2.4 Energy, independence – Says we must end dependency – Canceled 77 oil/gas leases
2.4 Economy – Promotes stimulus – Talked stimulus in all interviews
2.5 Economy – Talks stimulus – First trip, VA, talks stimulus
2.6 Labor – Creates economic advisory board – Preferred unions, fed contracts
2.10 Energy, drilling – Claimed Bush adm. was too pro industry – Halts offshore drilling
2.17 Economy, stimulus – This puts us on the road to recovery – Signed $787 B stimulus spending; Moves to bailout big banks
2.17 Afghanistan – 17,000 troops additional will do the job – Sent 17,000, Generals asked for 30,000; Pushed for withdrawal from Iraq
2.25 Energy, oil shale – Interior Sec. should take action – Salazar cancels all shale oil leases
3.2 Foreign Affairs – Hillary Clinton does a great job – Clinton promises $900M to Gaza
3.2 Domestic health services –Sebelius will be great, pro-abortion –Obama nominates Sebelius to head up HHS; Groundwork for healthcare reform

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