How Long Did It Take Liberal Alarmists to Blame Winter Storm Stella on Global Warming?


How about they called it yesterday, before the first snowflake fell.

Winter Storm Stella hadn’t even struck the northeastern U.S., but that didn’t stopped at least one media pundit from linking the storm to man-made global warming.

Stella is expected to bring up to 2 feet of snow to New York City and Boston through the end of today before all is said and done. Washington, D.C., and Baltimore are expected to get between 8 and 10 inches of snow, no doubt sending the region into “Mad Max”-style anarchy.

By any measure, Stella looks like a big storm, but the only certainty about the storm is that it — like pretty much every other extreme weather event — will be explained as a function of global warming.

Climatologist and environmental writer Eric Holthaus couldn’t help himself. He had to link the storm to man-made global warming in a Daily Beast article. Holthaus wrote that “[t]wo studies published last year argue that climate change may be making the ingredients for big East Coast snowstorms more likely.”

He’s convinced that “the evidence is starting to mount: Including this storm, eight of the 10 biggest snowstorms in New York City have occurred since 1996.”

Holthaus didn’t stop with one article on the subject. He wrote a second post for the blog Grist, arguing: “We’re not just getting freak weather anymore. We’re getting freak seasons.”

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