Local College decides No Bad Mouthing of Presidents on Campus


Union tries to keep special needs child from using teachers bathroom, just because. Waite that cant be right!
Local college decides there will be no bad mouthing of presidents on campus… HUH! Did they just suspend freedom of speech?
Another University decides after it OK’s a campus free speech wall that it will decide whats OK to post. SO make they should call it a censored speech wall.
Sweden changing terminologies to get a more even flow gender neutral no more “boys and girls” in classroom.
just good morning children..
Thug gets heart transplant at 15, he already had chosen a life of crime and was originally turned down for it. After family and friends lobbied the hospital and got him approved he was up and about in a few weeks. Instead of taking advantage of that opportunity he kept up his life of crime, stealing cars and breaking into homes and this week he died in a police chase after he had carjacked someone and tried to break into a house.

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