Local Christian College Teaching Marxism


Is the church stupid? Uninformed? Apathetic? or Teaching False Doctrine?! I cannot believe a local Christian college has a “Social Justice” Center, conference, and major!! I’m livid! I wrote to the President of the University. Here is my letter.

Dr. *****:

I don’t know if you are aware that “Social Justice” is a new, trendy word for “Marxism” and it is invading the church. The end result of Marxism is the imprisonment and death of Christians.

“David Horowitz of the California-based David Horowitz Freedom Center says that social-justice teaching is “shorthand for opposition to American traditions of individual justice and free-market economics.” He says it teaches students that “American society is an inherently ‘oppressive’ society that is ‘systemically’ racist, ‘sexist’ and ‘classist’ and thus discriminates institutionally against women, nonwhites, working Americans and the poor.”
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Jim Wallis, the President’s “religious” advisor is a “Progressive Christian” and is ideologically in line with America-haters Jeremiah Wright and Obama in their twisting of Scripture to say that Jesus was a Marxist, and that “the 1%” are bad, the rich are bad, capitalism is bad, and the government should take from the producers and distribute to the non-producers. This is not Biblical. It is communism.

(I am not wealthy, so I can stand against this with no personal agenda. I’m not defending “the rich.” Our home in FL just sold for $ 250,000. I was raised in Carol City, FL which is a ghetto. Only because of Capitalism and the Freedom America offers all people, was I able to raise above the status I was born into.)

Glenn Beck writes, “Faith, hope and charity. I believe wholeheartedly in taking care of the poor. I made a practice in my personal life to devote a certain percentage of my gross income to doing that. Jim Wallis, yet another spiritual adviser to the president of the United States — a guy who believes a lot of the stuff that Jeremiah Wright does. He is a blatant redistribution of wealth advocate, a Marxist.” Story here.

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