Date Night Outfit Choice: Little Black Dress or Xanax T-shirt?


A California-based clothing line is making headlines due to some jersey-like sweatshirts they recently put out – featuring the names of three of the most abused prescription drugs on the market – Xanax, Adderall, and Vicodin.

Their tag line is, get this, “Pop one on and you’ll feel better. Doctor’s orders.”

This is isn’t an editorial against prescription drugs. I think that these drugs help a lot of people when taken appropriately, but I think that a clothing line featuring these names is…inappropriate.

Mental disturbances are nothing to be ashamed of, despite the fact that they are still stigmatized. But, what critics of this line say is that making Xanax t-shirts popular is trivializing something serious. I completely agree.

Taking prescription pills should never be something that becomes “cool.” Yes, Xanax is abused by many, but it’s not supposed to be. Xanax isn’t the same thing as…pot. It’s not meant to be recreational. One of my friends used to suffer from horrible night terrors. She would wake up screaming in her bed every night. She has never smoked, drank, or had any vice. Xanax helped her. But, it doesn’t help teens that find it in their mom’s medicine cabinet and want to experiment.

Let’s face it – for our generation, clothing is all about status and popularity. We buy denim button downs because…the cool stores sell them and celebrities wear them. This is WHY the pill popping jersey look is such a bad idea.

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