Linking Arms with Liberals


by Carly Hill

When they say gay marriage, we say traditional. When they say choice, we say life. When they say entitlement, we say hard work. When they say control, we say freedom. When they go to anti-war rallies, we…link arms with them?

What is going on?

Liberals and conservatives may be as opposite as left is to right, but when Americans see their leaders making decisions that are so extreme and nonsensical, well, according to a report from The Week, you see liberals and conservatives at anti-Syrian-war rallies literally linking arms.

Conservatives have been divvying up into cliques for a while. You’ve got “progressive” Republicans like Meghan McCain…a group that would say they’re socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Then, you’ve got RINOs – a group of Republicans who make liberal decisions and side with liberals, while calling themselves Republicans. Then, you’ve got this newer movement that’s emerged – the loyal following of the Paul family. It started when Ron Paul began attracting young people – talking about limited government, anti-war, independence, and freedom. Now, we’ve got his son, Rand Paul – who actually stands up (for literally 13-hours sometimes) for the Constitution – putting focus on our freedom and liberties. Why is this type of conservative attractive to young people?

Because we want to do what we want to do. We all want freedom. And, our big government has gotten so very big, that even the free cell phones and food stamps…just don’t seem worth it anymore.

There is an enormous segment of our country that is content to answer to The Man as long as they don’t have to work for anything. But, as for the rest of us – we want some control over our lives.

One big issue that’s inducing comradery between us and our opposition is this Syria business.

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